Acclimatizing your new Aquarium fish

March 17, 2015

One of the significant aspects of fish keeping is acclimatizing the fishes or invertebrates, after you bring them to your home. You might wonder why in most cases, an aquatic life doing well in local fish store dies,once introduced into your home aquarium. No proper acclimation is the main reason behind this. Knowing what acclimation means, […]

how to set up your Freshwater Aquarium

How to set up your Freshwater Aquarium

March 17, 2015

Freshwater fish keeping is the most common among the other types of fish keeping as it involves comparatively less maintenance to other type of fish keeping. It’s an immense pleasure and complete relaxation, when we see the colorful aquatic life swimming in our home-sweet-home. The little pet that swim inside the aquarium and which follows […]

setup your salt water aquarium in 7 steps?

Setup Your Saltwater Aquarium in 7 Steps

March 16, 2015

Salt water (marine) aquariums are known for its aesthetic looks and it brings a glimpse of underwater sea world into your home or office! Definitely many fish petting lovers wish to have such an aquarium of their own. But, they are taken back by some intimidating factors like, it being very scientific or it requires […]