Big NO for natural sunlight – Aquarium

April 4, 2015

Beginners might think lighting an aquarium is just to help viewing the fishes clearly and also to give an aesthetic look for your tank. But no, it is not the only reason. Lighting an aquarium is very important for the well-being of the species in the tank. You should take extra caution while choosing the […]

Deadly Fish Diseases and the Best survival guide

April 4, 2015

Fish tank gives an elegant and aesthetic look for your home and Aquarium Fishes are small creatures that bring big pleasure while watching them swimming to and fro. Like any other pets, fishes are also prone to diseases. The reasons for their illness are commonly due to Bacterial infections, parasitic infections and fungal infections. You cannot […]

13 ways to keep your fishes Healthy and Happy

April 3, 2015

Everyone would desire to see their fishes swimming active and happy. For that, the fishes needs, not only beautiful but also a healthy environment. A healthy aquarium is the key for hale and happy fishes. What does healthy means, keeping the tank clean? Yes, but not only that. It also involves maintaining balanced temperature, pH […]