Stop Believing Myths! – Fish keeping & Aquarium care

June 19, 2015

Once you thought of keeping a beautiful fish aquarium in your home, you will try to get as many information as possible from your friends and neighbors. And yes, you will hear so many interesting and threatening facts in different angles from different people. Some will say one as correct other will say the same […]


Nemo in your home! – The Clownfish

June 3, 2015

Nemo! “Yes… I know that is the fish featured in a movie”. This will be most of yours reaction on hearing the name Nemo.  As the name has reached wide audience, many would have forgot that it is actually “The Clownfish” acted as Nemo  Not only because of its popularity, but for its cuteness, those […]

Aggressive Algae eaters! Your loyal tank cleaners.

June 3, 2015

In every aquarium there will be a lonely crappy grisly creature sticking to the tank glasses or the lying at the bottom of the tank. These fish may not be impressive or presentable; they do not run around the tank actively nor gives you a pleasant feeling. Nevertheless, they are the unpaid employee of your […]

Interesting facts about “BETTA” – The Fighting Fish

June 3, 2015

Have you ever thought of buying the isolated, colorful, fairy fined, tropical water Betta fish? You would not have thought about it, because there are many misinterpretations about the cute betta fishes. Could be because of the name given to them “The fighting fish”. Of course, yes! They are very aggressive towards their own kinds, […]