Interesting facts about “BETTA” – The Fighting Fish

By reefspecialty, June 3, 2015

Have you ever thought of buying the isolated, colorful, fairy fined, tropical water Betta fish? You would not have thought about it, because there are many misinterpretations about the cute betta fishes. Could be because of the name given to them “The fighting fish”. Of course, yes! They are very aggressive towards their own kinds, but not towards all fishes. Betta fishes are brightly colored and are very attractive. Being an aquarium hobbyist, you should know that betta fishes are very easy to maintain with little care and cost.


In this article, let us see the various interesting facts about keeping a Betta fish.

Zero spending on filter; Surprised?

Yes! unlike other fishes, betta fish can breathe oxygen directly from air like you. They have a specialized organ “labyrinth” that helps them in breathing. This acts like human lungs. Therefore, your gorgeous betta fish can live without filter, thus costing you less for their maintenance. It is not that you should not have a filter in a betta tank. Like every other aquarium, you can have a filter. However, make sure it does not generate more bubbles. Because these stunning beauties like stable water, they do not enjoy bubbles like other fishes. Moreover, their long, gorgeous tails will trap into the filter leading to dead. So always, remember to buy a gentle filter for them. If you do not have gentle filter, it is better to leave them without one, than to use your older filters, which in turn becomes a danger to them.

Betta Fishes are a boon to Fish bowl Lovers

Many of ours actual aquarium dream would have been to have a fish bowl with one or twobetta2 fishes swimming in it. However, during implementation due to many realities, we end up buying a 10 plus gallon tank with filters, heater, etc. This is because most of the tropical or saltwater aquarium fishes need these equipment’s for their day-to-day survival. Nevertheless, here is the happy news for you, make your dream come true with a betta fish. Yes, betta fishes can survive in a fish bowl with proper water change and without any filters. In addition, there are many compact, portal tanks available explicitly for betta babies. They cost reasonable compared to other tanks and easy to maintain. Thus saves your time and money. You can also keep betta fishes in ornamental flask with live plants, like a decorative in your home or office tables. In addition, you can look at them often for a quick stress relief. You cannot have any other fishes in ornamental flasks, they can hardly sustain. However, make sure to do a water change frequently, so that your loved pet can live for a long time.

Aquatic gardening with live plants

Live plants do not suit for many aquariums as the foodie lover fishes will feed on them, thusbetta3 leading to overfeeding. However, your bettas are very good nature lovers. They do not destroy the plants and would love to have one in their petite tank. Therefore, this is a very good opportunity for you to become a gardener as well as fish caretaker. Live plant keeps the water nitrate level low and acts as a natural water filter. It reduces the necessity for a filter as it produces oxygen for the colorful bettas. Live plants also reduce the algae growth in the tanks. Live plants like Anacharis, Java Fern, Amazon Sword Plant, Hornwort and Hygro – Hygrophila do great in a betta tank or bowl. It also acts like a decorative thus creating a natural environment.

They are not lonely beast

It is not that all betta fishes are loners, they do compromise with other creature. If you have a big tank and wish to have a school of fishes, you can try keeping few other aquatic creatures in your betta tank. Female bettas are less aggressive and can go well in a communal tank whereas male betta cannot share its home with other bettas. Still you can keep them with other creatures. Most types of bottom dwellers, non-nibbling fishes, frogs, and snails can persist in a betta colony. However, make sure that the fishes or snails are not of bright color, because betta may think them as other bettas and pick up a fight with them. Become an explorer, just try letting any other creatures listed below with your betta and observe their survival. If they go well, then you are successful aquarists. This in turn will also make your aquarium live and fun. Also, make sure your aquarium is minimum 10 gallon when you are planning to school your betta.

Other aquatic creatures that can sustain in a betta tank are:betta4

  • African dwarf frog
  • Apple snail
  • Neon tetras/ ember tetras
  • Otocinclus catfish
  • Clown pleco
  • White cloud mountain minnows
  • Pygmy Corydora
  • Harlequin Rasbora

Breeding the betta fishes brings joy

If you wish to breed your betta fish and see the younger version of your loved pet, then you betta5have to spend some quality time and effort to do it. Making the betta fish mate is a very interesting and challenging hobby. You can even spend your long weekend or holidays in breeding the betta fish because bettas do not just mate with any fish. They should be compromise and get attracted toward their pair. Only then, they will show the signs of breeding. If not they will end up in a big fight that will lead to death. Make sure to breed your betta fish when they are young, as they will be less aggressive and will mate easily. Betta fishes build a bubble nest to intimate you that they are ready to breed. All you need to do this is get ready with a pair for your betta fish, filter, heater, thermometer, live food and two covered tanks. Instead, you can also use a breeding box, which will come with all amenities. If you own a male betta fish then be proud because, it is the little daddy who guards their offspring.

Easy to maintain environment

Betta fish tanks and bowls are easy to clean and maintain. They do not release much ammonia or nitrate, grab food and make the atmosphere messy. They maintain a clean environment. Therefore, it is very easy for you to clean their tanks. Betta fish is widely kept in small fish bowl or in a tank, thus changing water is not a big task. Just remove one or two cups and replace with fresh water. Even while cleaning big betta tanks, you do not have to put much effort like a goldfish tank. That is, you do not have to spend your precious time in cleaning their tanks, as it is quick and effortless to clean betta tanks.

Good buddies to play

Betta fishes are quite intelligent. They can recognize their owners and be interactive like other pets. Drag the food into the water and make them run behind it. You can also put your clean finger into their tank and see if there are following your fingers. Once they get adapted to you and their environment, betta will start wandering near the tank glasses when they see you pass by them. Bettas also love to play with toys so you can put small aquatic boat, duckling, fishes into their tank and see their reaction. However, make sure to remove the object from the tank once they done playing with them. At times, they will play their own game like jumping out of their tank; of course, the little babies do not know the danger of that game. Nevertheless, you know. So keep their bowls and tanks always covered.

Here is your betta fish’s Bio – Data

Family Name


Popular called as

Betta fish

Pet name

Siamese fighting fish


Up to 7cm

Life span

3 to 4 years dependents on your care

Favorite water condition

64° F to 82° F

Water pH Level

7.0 neutral

Favorite food

Bloodworms, dried shrimp, flakes, live brine shrimps, mosquito larva and frozen foods


Hiding in caves, Jumping out of the tank

Common diseases

loss of color or appetite, Dark spots or fungus on body or mouth, labored breathing

Tank region

 Top swimmers

Tail types

Veil tail ,crown tail, the half-moon, the delta tail, the super delta tail, the double tailed, the spade tail, the round tail, the rose tail, the feather tail, the plakat, the comb or half sun tail,

Color classification

Solid color, marble, koi, grizzle, copper, metallic, black, multicolor, mustard gas, orange Dalmatian, bicolor


Once in a day


Now you would have concluded that the box sold, lonely bettas are neither real fighter cocks nor a cost-consuming pet. They are very interesting and adorable species. Betta requires very less attention and care compared to many other tropical fishes. I would rather call them as the “Ornamental fish” than calling them as “The fighting fish”.  They add color, charm and beauty to your environment. Like any other fish, watching betta swimming is also stress relieving and mind calming.  Get ready to bring them home to make your environment live and colorful.

Aggressive Algae eaters! Your loyal tank cleaners.
Petting Goldfish brings happiness to home!

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