Petting Goldfish brings happiness to home!

By reefspecialty, May 6, 2015

Thinking of setting up a fresh water aquarium at your home for the first time?  Why waiting? Go ahead and set up your aquarium with adorable Goldfish pet. With no doubt, Goldfish are the first kind of species that comes to everyone’s mind, because they are endearing, beautiful and of course available in a lot of varieties. Yes! Goldfish are a well-known type of fish which not only adds aesthetics to your home but also it is easy to grow and does not require much expertise in handling fishes.  

It is believed that goldfish brings happiness to your home. Watching the freely swimming colorful beautiful, fairy-like goldfish is a wonderful stress buster. It relives the anxiety and deters mood swings. Definitely most of us would have an experience of petting goldfish in our childhood.  Even for our children who wish to start their fish keeping hobby what other than Goldfish will be our choice!! No matter young or old, goldfish is the lovable pet for people of all ages.

You need to provide a healthy and happy environment for the goldfish which gives happiness to you. In this article let us see why goldfish makes great pet and how to setup an aquarium along with simple steps to be followed for easy maintenance.goldfish

Why Goldfish?

You might wonder why goldfish makes the favorite pet for most of the beginners in fish keeping. There are many reasons for this. First of all goldfish are beautiful and available in many varieties. They are less costly. In fact they would be the cheapest of all fish types. And also gold fish tanks are easy to setup and maintain. It is as easy as even kids can breed goldfish. It also increases the sense of responsibility within the children. They learn to feed the fish on time, change water periodically, monitor their pet’s activities and take good care of them.

Is fish bowl a good habitat for goldfish?

It is as simple as that, just a glass pot or fish bowl could be a better habitat for your goldfish to start with. But wait! If fish bowl is your choice for your goldfish, then there are some points that you need to think of before going for it.

goldfish-shade>> How many fishes you are likely to have? If the answer is one or two, then fish bowl can be used. But, if you are going to have more number of fishes in a small fish bowl, then the fishes cannot swim freely this in turn might cause stress for the fishes. And also affects its healthy growth.

>> Also, if you have many fishes then your fish bowl is going to be messy very soon. And you need to keep cleaning and changing the water quite often. It cannot serve as a better habitat for your fishes.

>> Another point you need to know is, the size of your goldfish once it is fully grown. Some type of goldfishes would grow up to 10 inches or even more. Fish bowl will not be a comfortable habitat for such type of fishes.

>> Threatening point is that in fish bowls, the level of ammonia increases rapidly due to small space that endangers the life of goldfish kept in that.

Consider the above points before planning to breed goldfish in traditional fish bowls. However for a long term hobby and wellness of the goldfish, fish bowl cannot be a good habitat. Rather, using a tank of at least minimum size, say 20 gallons is desirable. This will give sufficient space for your fishes to swim freely and happily. Increase the size of the tank based on the number of the fishes.

How to setup a basic tank for goldfish?

You can set up a habitat for your goldfish with basic equipment. Proper habitat is essential for healthy and happy life of your goldfish.

>> First and foremost you need to get a tank

A tank of 15 to 20 gallons is required to breed minimum number of goldfish. You need to decide thesubstrate1 tank size by considering the adult size of the fish and also number of fishes you are going to keep in that tank. You can also opt for fish bowl if you are going to breed not more than 2 fishes which will not grow drastically big. Clean the tank with normal water before starting the setup.

>> Set up the base of your tank

Choose a best substrate for your tank, preferably large or medium sized gravels and put it in the base of the tank. Goldfish like to dig under the gravels for their food and this help to give a natural environment for them. But make sure the size of the gravels is not very small as the fishes might swallow and suffer. Clean the gravels in cold or lukewarm water without soap and then place in the tank.

>> It is advisable to install filter and air pump to keep the tank clean

Small tanks get dirty soon. Even if you are having basic small tank or fish bowl for your goldfish it is better to install filter which will help to keep the tank clean for more number of days. This reduces the cleaning and water change frequency. There are many types of filters available in the market like wet/dry filters, HOB filters, power filters (for large tanks), etc. In case you are using fish bowl, then place round filter under the gravels so that they do not move or float. Filters increases good bacteria build up and remove toxic materials released from fish waste and decayed food. Also install an air pump that increases aeration in the tank or bowl and maintains oxygen level in the tank water for your fishes.

>> Add some Plants and decorations for additional beauty

Goldfish itself is the best decoration for your tank. But, yes! To add beauty to the beauty you can place some plants and decoration in your tank. These decorations not only help to increase elegance of the aquarium but it also helps in many other ways.

Artificial decoration items and plants you keep in your tank serve as best hide outs for your fishes. Live plants in addition to shelter it also helps to maintain oxygen level of the water. Live plants also absorb ammonia and other toxins in the water and help to maintain biological balance. As live plants intakes most of the nitrates in the water it in turn inhibits the algae growth. But goldfishes will eat away live plants. So, either use artificial plants or be ready to buy live plants often. Both the live and artificial plants have their own on pros and cons. You need to understand those and choose the option that best suits your aquarium. These decorations also give a natural environment effect to your goldfishes.

You can even add light to the aquarium as a decorative piece because goldfish don’t need any light for survival. The light should not be kept on for more than 12 hours per day. Also make sure the lighting does not increase the temperature of the water drastically as it might affect your goldfish.

>> Time to fill you tank with water

Once you have set up filter, light and decorations fill water into the tank. If you are using tap water directly then add de-chlorinator to condition the water. It is advisable to have a basic test kit to test the ammonia and nitrate levels in the water before adding the fish. Excess amount of ammonia will lead to death of the fish. Instead of thinking after losing one or more lovely pets, making necessary tests before hand will save their lives and also your money. Water temperature is also an important factor. Make sure there are no drastic fluctuations in the water temperature due to outside climate. Leave the water in the tank for a couple of days before adding fishes to check for any leaks.

>> Ready to place your fishes

Yes! Now you are all set to place your goldfishes in your tank. Before adding the fishes, check whether filter and light are working properly. You can even leave them running for a day or two to confirm there are no malfunctions. Once you are sure everything is proper go ahead and add your goldfish. You have to acclimatize the fishes before adding into the tank. Acclimatization can be done in two methods; either floating bag method or drip line method. Follow any of the suitable method to add the fishes. This will help to give a happy and healthy environment for your pet.

How to maintain goldfish tank?

It is simple and easy to maintain a goldfish tank. Goldfish tanks require very less maintenance compared to other varieties of fish tank, because you are not using any delicate or complicate equipment in the set up. Maintaining includes feeding fish, regular water change, monitoring water condition and periodic tank clean up.crowd

<> Feeding your goldfish

Goldfish are good-eaters! Unlike other kinds of fishes, goldfish will keep on eating and eating till the food is available. It is because goldfish do not have stomach and so it does not have a sensation of full up. So, you should feed proper quantity and quality food on proper schedule. You can feed a measured amount of food twice or thrice a day. Do not over feed the fishes, because it might cause intestine or swim bladder problems. If you see long feces hanging behind your goldfish then it means they are overfed.

<> Changing water periodically

Water change is an important step that should be done on regular intervals. Perform 25% to 30% water change every week. This helps to provide a healthy environment for your goldfish. If you have more number of fishes then the tank would get messed up very quickly. The food left overs and fish wastes will decay and accumulate in the filter. This will pollute the water very soon.  Clean up these wastes during every water change so that it will help to reduce your water getting polluted. Use vacuum siphon and clean the gravels. Then perform the water change for better results.

<> Monitor water conditions

Improper water conditions will cause stress to fishes. Increase in ammonia levels will cause ammonia shock to the fishes. It might burn the fish’s fins and tail. Use economical test kits available in the market to check the ammonia and nitrite levels periodically. Also, you need to make sure the water temperature is not increasing drastically because of light or any other source. Monitor the water temperature using a thermometer regularly.

Goldfish are fascinating and lovely pet for people of all age. With proper care and maintenance you can have long living and healthy fishes happily swimming in your aquarium. Though goldfish are guileless and stress-free to breed, all you need to put is a little additional attention to suffice the need of your pets.

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