Stop! Know what your Goldfish needs

By reefspecialty, May 6, 2015

Every common person who likes to setup an aquarium would love to have a bunch of goldfish due to their charming looks and hyper energy. Seeing them swim with their fairy fins, opening and closing their pee–wee mouth with their twinkling eye makes you feel calm and relaxed. While setting up a goldfish aquarium you tend to do few things which reduces the life span and health of your lovely Goldies.


Here are some of the simple measures to be taken care while growing Goldfish which increases the life span of your fish and also keeps them healthy and active.

Fish Bowl is not a luxurious community

The first thing that comes to your mind when you want to grow a fish is that to keep a pair offishbowl  chubby, long fined gold fish in a see-through fish bowl. It feels romantic and also beautiful to have these fishes in a fish bowl. The fish bowl gives a good scenic view of your fish. But that is not a comfortable or a happy place for you tiny pets. Fish bowls are not designed considering the fish wellbeing or convenience. They were designed just for fascination. This may sound upset for many of us, but that’s the truth. Goldfish loves to swim and play around which is not possible in a bowl. Gold fishes are capable of growing up to a maximum length of 24 inches which is neither possible in a fish bowl. Though all fishes release ammonia Gold fishes are known to release excessive amount of ammonia due to their food habits, which in turn will reduce the amount of oxygen in the water thus making their own habitat very toxic for your fishes. So your little Goldies have to be kept in a tank with a good filter and large quantity of water (minimum 5 -10 gallon of water for 1 golden baby) that would keep the supply of oxygen for a considerable period and give them a lavish place to swim and grow.

Baby sit for your fishes

Fishes are like your babies. They need your special attention and nurture all the time. They get sick, fish-doc3stressed, infected like humans. So you need to frequently observe their physical and behavioral changes. If you observe any physical changes, surf for the changes online or stop by the pet store and get them treated with the corresponding medicine available for them in the market. Consult a PISCINE veterinarian when situations get worse. They are specialist in treating fishes, but they might be little expensive. Still, you can never ignore your pets whom you consider as your kids. Goldfish get stressed when the oxygen level in the water goes down, when they are bullied by other fishes or when you don’t feed them properly. Strange swimming, gasping towards the surface of the tank are some of the symptoms of your little pet being stressed. Salt treatment is one of the best home remedy for goldfish, be aware of the salt treatment process so that you yourself can be a doctor to your babies.  Taking keen care of your small pets keeps them healthy and makes them sustain for many years. The longest lived goldfish was 43 years old, it created a history. So your cute Goldie can also break that record if given proper care.

Foodaholic Goldies

You will feel pity for you tiny pets and feed them often. Every time you feed them they rush for thehungryfish food as if they have been starving for days. They gather to the corner of the tank when you pass or stand by them. But they are little cheaters. Be pitiless while feeding gold fishes. Goldies are foodaholic they keep eating how much ever you feed them. Do not over feed them, this may shorten their life through many ways.  You can even make them fast once a week. There are many species which will die if you don’t feed them for a week. But goldies can stay alive for nearly a month without food. Also it’s not advisable to keep live plants in a gold fish tank since these little mumbles eat these plant in spite of you feeding them. More over the food that is not consumed by your fish gets rotten at the bottom of the tank which make your tank messy sooner. So over feeding is harmful to them in all means.

Good food, good life

Fishes are also like humans, a proper balanced and good diet keeps them healthy and long lived. vegandfruitsGoldfishes are non-vegetarians. Yup, these fairy creatures are omnivorous so they can feed on both meat and veggie. So don’t feed the tiny fairies with restricted foods. Sometimes they get bored with their repeated daily meal like you, so feed them with varieties of nutritious and tasty foods. Although goldfish don’t need fiber and carbohydrates for their well-being, they require protein, vitamins, and fats, minerals to grow strong and healthy. They can feed on fruits like apples, grape, orange, watermelon and veggies like beans, peas, broccoli, corn, carrots which are readily available at home. Bloodworms, brine shrimps are goldies favorite food. But make sure that the food that you feed them are soft and broken into micro bits. Feeding them with varieties of food makes them joyful and you can also play with them by feeding with your hand. Be ready to feel their kissing bits.

Keep the lights off to give your angles the ‘me’ time

You would love to keep your aquarium bright with lights for the picturesque view. Moreover aquariums are commonly setup in the living room where the lights are always on and the place is bright. But you have to keep the lights in the aquarium off for minimum of 12 hours a day. You know why? because your cutie creature have to get some sleep. Yes it is necessary to give a dark atmosphere to your Goldie’s aquarium as they prefer a relaxed sleep in darkness like you. They move slowly in a constant phase while sleeping, since they have no eyelids you may not have noticed them while sleeping. But like every living being they stay active during day time and stay calm and relaxed at nights. Moreover, expose to too much of lights can increase the algae growth in you tank thus leaving the tank filthy. So the next time when you go to sleep remember to switch of your golden babies tank lights. Also make sure to use the appropriate lights for your aquarium which is also very necessary for your fish well-being.

Water is everything for aquatic cuties

Like every other living being, fishes need oxygen to live. Water is the source of their oxygen. So it is fishwaterdropnecessary that the water with which the tank is setup should be clean and good. You can use your tap water, but make sure that you treat your tap water with proper solutions which would balance the PH level of the tap water.  In an eagerness to keep your petite pet in a clean and crystal clear environment, do not change the entire aquarium water frequently. Expert’s advices to change only one third of the tank water every week. Because the new water many be harmful to the little ones even though they are treated properly and also getting adapted to a new environment every week is not an easy job for anyone. So just remove the leftover food, fish excretes and other dust from the gravel and tank using a gravel vacuum and change one third of the tank water every week. You can also use UV sterilizers which controls the growth of microorganisms such as algae, bacteria and parasites, thus increasing the water quality to a great extent.

Be very choosy in selecting your goldfish tank mates

Though goldfishes are much loved aquarium pets, they are not so compatible with their own species. Goldfish are very hostile, they try to be the Queen of the tank. So they pick on other fishes.fishteam Goldies also tend to eat any fishes which are small in size and fits into their mouth. Yes, so it’s better to keep goldfish with their own breeds. Though all fishes release ammonia and nitrate goldfish ranks first, so this is very harmful to other fishes. Gold fishes love to stay in low temperature cool and shivering, whereas most of the other fishes cannot sustain low temperatures as goldfish does. As mentioned earlier your foodaholic goldies will gulp all the food that you feed them leaving the other fishes to starve. The vice versa can also happen many fishes are known to harm the floating fairy fins of the golden fishes. Some species even makes your attractive babies blind.  Even a sucker fish is not compulsory in goldfish aquarium as some of the sucker eats the slime coat of your gold fish. Your goldies are very sensitive that they get stressed when dominated by other fishes. So be very selective in choosing your gold fish co-mates. Consult with your pet store and also analyze the new incomes habitat before leaving them into your goldfish tank.

A periodic water change, with proper filter and a light food diet is more than enough to keep your colorful goldfish away from diseases, thus making them live a healthy long life. Goldfish are not cost consuming, they can be maintained well with low cost and intense care. However you can’t pamper your goldfish by touching them every day, you can still be their loved owners by keeping them happy and comfortable. They play, sleep, enjoy tasty food, make friends and prefer a comfortable life like every other living being.

Petting Goldfish brings happiness to home!
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